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"Quick deliveries, low prices, & amazing personal service were the promises that West Shore & Apparel were built from over 16 yrs. ago.  In August of 2001, Paul Griffeth, with plenty of patience from wife Michele, launched the business while nearing an end to a 30 yr. teaching/coaching career in the public schools.  By keeping low overhead & relying on "word of mouth" advertising, West Shore Sports & Apparel grew quickly; primarily servicing school groups.  As the years went by, expansion into business apparel as well as churches also grew. Now it's time for the business to transition to new & fresh ownership, and who would be better suited than Randy & Lisa Poel.  Their commitment to their community has been exemplary; as parents, coach, public safety, etc.  We have no doubt, or hesitation, in transferring ownership to the will be fun for us to watch West Shore Sports & Apparel grow, & even flourish under their leadership."


Paul Griffeth

West Shore Sports & Apparel

"West Shore Sports & Apparel has been serving the greater Grand Rapids area for over 16 years. Randy and Lisa are extremely excited to not only continue to provide the service known to expect from Paul, but to expand this business to the Lakeshore. Randy has spent his life serving, a trait he learned from his father and mother. He feels strongly about maintaining and building relationships that are missing in today's business world. "Personalized service" is a prominent theme he believes in whole-heartedly. Randy has spent over 30 years in Public Service and continues serving to this day. The Poel's believe strongly in "family" and feel the business Paul has developed is based upon treating customers like family: you take care of them! We will continue to work together with Paul to ensure that will always be the case!"

Randy Poel

West Shore Sports & Apparel

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